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Spicy Tahini Noodles

This is similar to Pad Thai but has a peanut tasting sauce instead of Tamarine. You can use Tofu or peanuts for protein. Sometimes I use both. Works best in temperatures above 20ºF.


  • Sautéd tofu (2–3 oz., optional)
  • Small carrot
  • Red onion (or 1 spring onion)
  • One third Bell pepper
  • Rice noodles (2–4 oz, thin type)
  • 2 tbsp Sesame oil (or Olive oil)
  • 3 tbsp roasted peanuts
  • Cilantro


  • 2 tbsp Tahini
  • 1 tbsp Soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp Chili oil

Prepare at home

  1. Slice and Sauté tofu (2–3 minutes each side).
  2. Chop small carrot, bell pepper, and onion into long thin pieces.
  3. Make sauce: Combine Tahini, Soy sauce, and Chili oil.
cooking tofu
This is extra firm Tofu sautéd in a skillet with a small about of Sesame Oil. About 2–3 minutes each side. This is enough for 2–3 meals.

Directions at camp

  1. Boil rice noodles (2 minute).
  2. Add in vegetables and tofu to noodles and continue boiling for 2–3 minutes (or divide times similarly based on cook time for type of noodle selected)
  3. Drain water from noodles and vegetables (can be used as a soup)
  4. Pour sauce on top
  5. Add crushed roasted peanuts and freshly chopped cilantro.

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