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Creamy Mushroom Pasta

A creamy sauce with savory mushrooms and pasta is perfect after a hard hike. This dish has the added virtues of being simple and easy to make. This recipe will work well mild winter conditions (above freezing).

Homemade Muesli Plant-based backpacking meals Recipes for Winter Backpacking

Make Your Own Muesli

Granola is common in America, but in Europe, Muesli is the popular choice. It takes many forms depending on the country and usually contains no added sugar. The Swiss and UK versions may contain mostly oat flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, mixed dried fruit, such as sultanas or raisins, and chopped Hazelnuts and/or Almonds. Some will include whey powder (cows’ milk).

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Yellow Curry Noodles with Cashews

This is one of my favorites. Although it has a creamy sause it is not soupy enough to reheat easily so in cold weather it will go cold quickly. It works best in temperatures above freezing, more in the 40–50ºF range.

Plant-based backpacking meals Recipes for Winter Backpacking Vegetable Phö with Tofu

Vegetable Phö with Tofu

Simple, fresh, and quick!

This is the dish I make more often than any other on winter trips, especially when the temperatures get near or below 15ºF. It is both delicious and practical. The ingredients are situated in a soupy broth, making it easy to reheat if necessary without any risk of the food burning or sticking to the pan. This dish is ideal for winter backpacking because it is hot, tasty, and helps you rehydrate after a hard hike. Phö is a Vietnamese meal popular in the Pacific Northwest. It can be prepared with different ingredients. It usually consists of a savory broth; noodles; fresh vegetables; herbs and sprouts, tofu, peanuts, or some type of meat; and finished with Chili crisp or Sriracha and/or Hoisin sauce.